Bishop W. L. Washington

“Let no word fall to the ground,” the phrase that keeps Bishop W. L. Washington moving, motivated, and ministering as unto the Lord. Bishop Washington’s mantra is that of seeing the Kingdom of Christ built up, established, and producing good fruit, by not allowing any Word that comes from God fall to the ground. He is an innovator, a visionary, a leader, a shepherd, and a willing vessel of God that preaches, teaches, and lives out the Word of God. His unique and powerful message of faith and deliverance is preached with boldness and power, and touches the entire body of Christ. As we prepare for the future, Bishop Washington’s vision is to see the Kingdom of God established and operating at its fullest potential.

Bishop Washington gave his life to the Lord, under the J. H. Covington Gospel Tent, in Marion, South Carolina on July 31, 1967, and on the same day, was baptized at the hands of Bishop Abraham Benjamin Simmons. On August 7, 1967, he became a member of the Power House of Deliverance Church, under the pastorate of Bishop J. H. Covington, and has since a faithful member, totaling over 45 years.

Bishop Washington’s ministry reaches back to May of 1968, where he began winning souls through revivals, street meetings, conferences, workshops, and the saw dust trails of tent crusades with Bishop J. H. Covington, his father in the Lord. Bishop Washington cofounded “Youth on the Move for Christ International,” an interdenominational youth organization which he led along with Dr. L. Ramona Howard from 1973-1986. Through this non-denominational organization, Bishop Washington was able to inspire, encourage, direct, and train youth from church to church, and campus to campus, in and out of our nation with his great testimony of the love of Jesus Christ. Youth on the Move for Christ International effectively taught music and arts, how to work the altar, church administration, how to witness and win souls, was also active in prison ministry and worked to equip young people within the body of Christ.

To Bishop Washington’s credit:


  • Youth Ministry – February 1968
  • Evangelism – May 1968
  • Full-time Ministry – November 1972
  • Pastorship – January 1982-1996, Westover, West Virginia (PHD #5)
  • Consecrated a Bishop – August 17, 1985
  • Pastors again… – August 1991-Present Greensboro, North Carolina (PHDGC)
  • Presiding Prelate – August 1991 – Present, Power House of Deliverance Churches of the Apostolic Faith, Inc.

Bishop Washington serves, and has served on several National Boards, including:

  • Executive Board- Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops (Current)
    [Under the directives of Bishop J. Delano Ellis, Archiepiscopus Metropolitanus]
  • Board of Directors- International Congress of Local Churches (Former member)
    [Under the directives of Bishop Don Meares]
  • Co-Founder/Director- Youth on the Move for Christ (Former Director 1973-1985)

wlw-abw-casualIt has been stated by Bishop W. L. Washington, and validated as truth by those that know him that God has called him to be a Father within the body of Christ. Recognizing this is a missing, but necessary element within the 21st Century Church, he extends himself to the fatherless, and covers those that need nurturing and love. This calling itself has extended his ministry beyond the organization of the Power House of Deliverance Churches of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. and in fact, transcends any and all boundaries to reach the goal of a true father, to this fatherless generation. Since the year of 2002, Bishop has been actively involved in soul winning crusades in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Bishop Washington married First Lady Alice B. Washington on January 3, 1970. They are the parents of five children: Galind, Karla, Kathy, Katrice, and Kalind. And as Bishop always says, “Don’t forget my grandbabies (which number seven) and my three great-grands, for they are my heart.” Being the father that he is, this list of children must include Cynthia, Winona, Mel, Fred and Azeria, and this list goes on and on. His testimony is, “My greatest treasures are the relationships I have built that have lasted 20, 30 and 40 plus years, not the things I possess.”

For the scripture tells us it is greater to serve than it is to lead (Luke 22:26), as shown by Jesus Christ with his disciples. Through his many years of service to God’s people, his dedication to the study of the word of God,and his service to the Gospel, Bishop Washington received a Doctor of Divinity degree from the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops by the President of the College, Bishop J. Delano Ellis, II in March of 2004, while in The Church of Santa Susanna in Rome, Italy. Not only can he add this educational achievement to his background, in 2008, Bishop Washington celebrated the historic 60 Years of Life and 40 Years in Ministry milestone, which can also be added to his kingdom resume. His years in ministry have taken him to places unnoticed, introduced him to people unheard, and have allowed him to reach generations for many lifetimes to come.

He can also add Record Producer and published Author to his credentials. Bishop Washington and the Power House of Deliverance Cathedral Choir released their debut album, “The Christ Factor,” on August 8, 2008. This project is full of uplifting messages, Gospel enriched lyrics, and melodies of praise likened unto angels. Bishop Washington published and released his first book, “Closing Doors on the Echoes of the Past” in August 2009. This collection of sermons preached by Bishop Washington has been wonderfully transcribed into a well-versed book that will allow the reader to forgive, forsake and forget those things which are behind them, and press towards the mark of what is before them.

Now, as he propels into his next level of ministry, Bishop Washington will continue to pastor pastors within the Kingdom of God. It is his heart to see those that shepherd God’s flock are secure in who they are so they can effectively lead their people to God. God is constantly working and moving in Bishop Washington’s life, as he continues with an eye single unto the Lord to be a kingdom-minded silhouette of the Great Commission.